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The History of Sempurna Kacang Putih.

Sempurna Kacang Putih is a family business, and was started by the late K. Chinnasami Nadar in the year of 1946. During that time, he used to sell kacang putih by carrying the packs on hands and selling those just right next to other hawkers at Ipoh Old Town.

Through thick and thin, the business was taken over by his son, Mr. C. Jayabalan at an extremely young age of 12.  He very much followed and inspired by his father’s business style, and through some hardworks, he finally managed to secure a permanent tenancy at the canteen of SRJK Poi Lam Ipoh to sell the all-time favourite kacang putih. Since 1970’s, he started to invent and create his own new recipe for muruku and had also managed to manufacture some famous muruku in the market: Muruku Sivel (1975), Muruku Star (1976), Muruku Kari (1982), Muruku Kalistar (1982), Muruku Ramba (1999).


KAMPUNG Kacang Putih is known throughout Malaysia. People from all walks of life throng the area during festivities or weekends to buy their favourite snacks. But not many people know, how the village came about. In the 1920s, 10 people from India started a small business making two types of Indian snacks, known locally as kacang putih, in a settlement located near a limestone hill in Gunung Cheroh, Ipoh.